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When you visit, your information about your visit will be collected. This information will be used to improve the user experience and to support the advertising. .

You can read about the information we collect, how we treat it, what we are using it for and who we share it with – all on this automatically registers IP-addresses as well as data regarding the use and navigation of the website. 

We use Google Analytics, that helps us collect static information about the use of collects information from the users from following sources:

  • From cookies when you visit our website (for example IP-adress, country, what pages you are visiting, interaction/clicks and searches.

Why are different private information collected:

  • Customer experience. To improve the customer experience

What is a cookie?

When our site is visited, cookies are stored on your computer. A Cookie is a little file that your browser saves to recognize your computer the next time same page are visited. Almost every website uses cookies. Cookies are saved on your own computer and you can always delete the saved cookies from websites you have visited.

How you delete cookies depends on which browser you are using. (We recommend that you google to find out how you can delete the cookies on your device).

Analytics tools

We use the analysis tool Google Analytics, which collects statistics about the use of the website to give you a better experience.

It is examined; who our visitors are, for how long they stay on the site, which pages/products that are popular and how the visitors navigate on the website.

Marketing/re-targeting also works with online marketing. We do this so more people will learn about our page. We use online advertising to ensure that you only see relevant ads. For that we use: Facebook, Instagram and Google.


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